The Wexler Family

Dr. Jake Wexler

Jake Wexler is a podiatrist and a bookie. He is also the only person in Sunset Towers to make any attempt to communicate with Madame Hoo other than her own family. He and Madame Hoo are by far the least active team in the game. At the end of the book, Jake becomes chairman of the State Gambling Commission, then the state crime commissioner. Jake and Madame Hoo's clues were OF AMERICA AND GOD ABOVE

Grace Windsor Wexler

Grace changed her maiden name from "Windkloppel" to "Windsor" to hide her true origins; this disguises the fact that she is the only heir who truly is a niece of Sam Westing. Grace and Mr. Hoo's clues were FRUITED PURPLE WAVES FOR SEA.

Angela Wexler

Angela is the Wexlers' older daughter of the Wexlers and, as the book begins, is engaged to Dr. Denton Deere. Angela feels trapped by her mother's expectations. Angela is revealed to be the one who set several bombs in Sunset Towers, having created them to express her resentment. During the book, Angela ends her engagement to Deere and returns to medical school. Having completed her studies, she meets Dr. Deere again and falls in love with him on her own terms. They finally marry and have a daughter named Alice, who plays chess with her Aunt Turtle in the closing scene of the book. Angela and Sydelle's clues were GOOD GRACE FROM HOOD SPACIOUS.

Turtle Wexler

Largely neglected by her mother in favor of her older sister Angela, Turtle acts out to get attention, often kicking shins, especially when someone touches her braid. She resents her mother's favoritism, but finds a mother figure in her soft-spoken partner, Flora Baumbach, whom she calls "Baba". Turtle put her freedom at risk when she set off the fourth and final bomb in the Sunset Towers elevator to cover up for Angela. Turtle is the one who solves true mystery and becomes the Westing game's real 'winner.' As an adult, Turtle calls herself T. R. Wexler and becomes a successful lawyer, and also becomes incredibly wealthy as a result of her stock-market savvy.(When she was young she had a crush on Doug Hoo.)She marries Theo Theodorakis.

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